Paws in 

We can help you discover how to unleash the best in your dog


Dogs staying for daycare get to do the same stuff as the slumber party dogs--they just don't sleep over. 

We go for structured walks in the morning, and then we play.  Properly exercised dogs play well together.  We play frisbee and fetch, and we incorporate training in everything we do.  Dogs learn to sit and wait before fetching.  They learn to play gently around all sizes of dogs.  Everything is a learning experience.   

$25 for a full day around happy people and happy doggies!


After our walks, dogs play in small play groups with like play styles.  We play with them, and give them guidelines for good play, so no digging, mounting, overly rough play, or excessive barking.

Dogs that come over for daycare get nice long walks on our no outlet street, and they get to meet lots of friends.

Daycare dogs often get to go on field trips with the slumber party dogs.  We love to go to downtown Brevard, NC and visit
Local Color where Paul and Pauline always give lots of free hugs and water.
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