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Doggie Training

This is how we do it: We offer one on one family training--We train the whole family because that's what it takes, a family effort!  If you are the type of person/family that cares just as much about your doggie's happiness as you do you own, you've found the right people!

We can start at the very beginning and work up to a super well behaved doggie ! We can teach you how to help your pup be the pup that people love to be around.  And not JUST because he gives great kisses :)

It is absolutely amazing to us how well a doggie can feel and behave if given the right manners, attention, and environment.  This isn't a training place for people to socialize with other people.  Nor is it a place to brag about failing doggie training camp. We are people that have  boarded doggies in our home for the last 6.6 years!, so we know what it takes to keep doggies happy, calm, and sweet. We also know how to find the right doogies to socialize with your doggie for training, daycare, and overnight stays with us. #Bestdoggiesstayhere

If you want to be a part of helping your doggie rest easy, and not sweat the small stuff, get in touch.


Something to consider - You can't learn piano or guitar without practicing.  You can't quit smoking without dedication. The point is, if you want a great doggie, we gotta work :)

There is tons more to say, we just haven't built much of  the page yet :)

We would be happy to email or talk to you about acquiring some wicked skills for you and your dog.
The more you and your doggie talk about and work towards better communication, skills, and behaviors, the better! Some of the covered skillz are:

  • Attention
  • Sit (when you say and not for 2 milliseconds)
  • Come (From close and across a field)
  • Down
  • Wait
  • Stay
  • Backup
  • Leave It
  • NO ! LOL
  • Drop It
  • Lift
  • Rollover
  • Up
  • Off
  • Jump
  • Eat
  • Directional Changes
  • Settle
  • As many words and ques that we all want cover.  The more the better!

 Chloe is so happy, she puts up with us :)
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