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All our appointments are pre-scheduled to be sure that all our clients get the individual attention that they deserve.  We do not schedule appointments on Wednesdays (all day) or Saturday afternoons because everyone needs a little time off. On these days, dogs are still having fun here, but we will have a little more chill time.

Check in and check out times (pre-scheduled):

Sunday        7:00am-10:00am--3:00-5:45pm

Monday        7:00am-10:00am--3:00-5:45pm

Tuesday       7:00am-10:00am--3:00-5:45pm

Wednesday  No check ins/outs on this day

Thursday     7:00am-10:00am--3:00-5:45pm

Friday          7:00am-10:00am--3:00-5:45pm

Saturday     7:00am-10:00am No check ins/outs after 10:00am

*Appointments are pre-scheduled, so let us know the times you need as soon as possible so that we can be as flexible as possible.

*No check ins/outs on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

*Unless it is an emergency, we may not answer texts, emails, or phone calls during closed hours (see schedule above) unless we feel like it :)

*Hours are subject to change.

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