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We offer an at our home boarding/daycare/training opportunity for fun-loving family dogs from the mountains of Western North Carolina. That's right--the dogs stay at our home--no loud, cold "facility" here ;) Even though we are not a traditional kennel, we have had our kennel license from the NC Dept. of Agriculture for 9 years. We go through great efforts to find the best dogs in all the land--we don't let mean dogs stay here--only dogs that put on their sweetie pants :).  If your doggie would like to be a part of our family, send us an email or call us well in advance of your upcoming trip so that we can get to know your pup first. We meet people and their pups BY APPOINTMENT ONLY--so please just don't show up (for the safety of the dogs and for consideration of other clients and our activities).

Every dog here--big or small--gets along with each other.

We have been rockin' the Dog Slumber Party scene since 2009.  We are licensed by the North Carolina Dept. of Agriculture to do what we do just in case ya want some credentials :) 

This is one of the many ways to see where the best place for your dog will be, so if ya wanna look, check out the inspection reports for the licensed boarding places in our county.

NC Dept of Agriculture Inspection Reports 

Just like the movie, Forrest Gump, we like runnin' 
Hi! If you have a really great doggie, we are the home away from home for you.  We've had daycare, boarding, and training at our home for 9 years, and we have a most excellent family of people and doggies.

If you have travel plans, please plan early.  Because, you gotta find the best place.  If it's not here, find the best place for your family. 

We require a trial daycare and an overnight before an extended stay. Please visit the Dog Slumber Party page for more info.

 These two sweeties come here for daycare every week. They are gentle "little bunnies". Check out our daycare page.

We have a great regular group of daycare dogs that come weekly and join our boarding dogs. They always enjoy our shaded, fenced-in yard. Our trees have been growing for 15 years (since we bought our home). 

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