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Dog Slumber Party


 We offer an at our home boarding/daycare/training opportunity for fun-loving family dogs from the mountains of Western North Carolina. That's right--the dogs stay at our home--no loud, cold "facility" here ;) Even though we are not a traditional kennel, we have had our kennel license from the NC Dept. of Agriculture for 9 years. We go through great efforts to find the best dogs in all the land--we don't let mean dogs stay here--only dogs that put on their sweetie pants :).  If your doggie would like to be a part of our family, send us an email or call us well in advance of your upcoming trip so that we can get to know your pup first. We meet people and their pups BY APPOINTMENT ONLY--so please just don't show up (for the safety of the dogs and for consideration of other clients and our activities). 

Dog Daycare


 Dogs staying for daycare get to do the same stuff as the slumber party dogs--they just don't sleep over. 

We go for structured walks in the morning, and then we play.  Properly exercised dogs play well together.  We play frisbee and fetch, and we incorporate training in everything we do.  Dogs learn to sit and wait before fetching.  They learn to play gently around all sizes of dogs.  Everything is a fun learning experience.   

We are very careful about whom we introduce into the group, so if you think your dog would be a great new playpal, send us an email. 

 $30 for a full day around happy people and happy doggies! 



 We are located in between Brevard and Hendersonville in beautiful Penrose, NC (about a mile from the entrance to DuPont).  We are also close to Asheville, NC (approx. 20-30 min.) and Greenville, SC is pretty close, too.

We live on a no outlet street, so there is little traffic.  While we are on our walks, our neighbors slow down and usually stop to see all the great dogs staying with us.  

 Please remember that as we are licensed as a kennel, we are a home, so please make sure we know you are coming. We schedule meetings BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, so please don't just show up. We may be in a play session, on the phone, walking the pups, doing check ins or outs, or we might be away from home.

Appointments and Scheduling


 All our appointments are pre-scheduled to be sure that all our clients get the individual attention that they deserve.  We do not schedule appointments on Wednesdays (all day) or Saturday afternoons because everyone needs a little time off. On these days, dogs are still having fun here, but we will have a little more chill time. 


Check in and check out times (pre-scheduled):

Sunday     7:00am-10:00am--3:00-5:45pm

Monday     7:00am-10:00am--3:00-5:45pm

Tuesday    7:00am-10:00am--3:00-5:45pm

Wednesday  No check ins/outs on this day

Thursday  7:00am-10:00am--3:00-5:45pm

Friday       7:00am-10:00am--3:00-5:45pm

Saturday  7:00am-10:00am No check ins/outs after 10:00am

*Appointments are pre-scheduled, so let us know the times you need as soon as possible so that we can be as flexible as possible.

*No check ins/outs on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

*Unless it is an emergency, we may not answer texts, emails, or phone calls during closed hours (see schedule above) unless we feel like it :)

*Hours are subject to change.

Local Animal Hospitals


Brevard Animal Hospital
1985 Asheville Hwy
Brevard, NC 28712



REACH 24/7 Emergency Hospital
677 Brevard Rd.
Asheville, NC 28806



Riversong Veterinary Clinic
4 Market St. #4105
Brevard, NC 28712



Pisgah Pet Care Animal Hospital
40 New Hendersonville Hwy
Pisgah Forest, NC 28768



Western Carolina Regional Animal Hospital & Veterinary Emergency Hospital
205 N. Highland Lake Rd.
Flat Rock, NC


About Us


We have been working together for as long as we have been together--23 years. When we were working in corporate America, we took a lot of vacations--with our pups. Sometimes, there were vacations that pups couldn't go on. We looked at kennels in our area and knew that there could and should be something better. Paws in Motion was born in 2009.


We work hard to provide a place for family dogs to stay without stress. We love providing a home atmosphere. We do lots of great stuffs to ensure that every dog that comes for daycare or overnights is completely comfy. No excessive barking or whining. We have fun everyday with great dogs and provide fresh air and a safe fenced in backyard on a no outlet street