17 Serendipity Lane, Penrose, NC 28766, US

(828) 577-7053

Welcome to Paws in Motion of Brevard, NC

Doggie Daycare


 We have a great regular group of daycare dogs that come weekly and join our boarding dogs. They always enjoy our shaded, fenced-in yard. Our trees have been growing for 15 years (since we bought our home).  


All pups that come for daycare have the rabies, DHPP, and canine cough vaccine. They are also on flea preventative. No fleas here. 


We provide lots of exercise, play, and training, but we also provide some rest time. Your pup should be comfortable taking a nap in a crate, because without a nap, we can get cranky. ;)


 Every dog here--big or small--gets along with each other. 


We make sure that every pup is comfortable with other pups and with us. We make sure that everyone has a fun and stress-free day.


 These two sweeties come here for daycare every week. They are gentle "little bunnies".