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Welcome to Paws in Motion of Brevard, NC

Dog Slumber Party


 Our dog slumber parties are too fun to just be called "dog boarding." Dogs stay at our home -- that's right, no loud and cold "facility" here. The doggies also get individual attention, and they get to work and hang out in small supervised groups of well behaved dogs. 

Dog Slumber Parties can be for one night or for as long as you need (once your pup has been here for the trial daycare and overnight). For extended stays (longer than one week), we do require that your dog knows us very well and has come over many times.



Slumber Party guests get to do lots of fun stuff. We have only happy and friendly pups that get along with one another. The pups that stay here for daycare and boarding enjoy walks and playtime. We also mucho cuddle.  



We give dogs what they really love--exercise, training, and good company. The doggies that stay with us become a part of our family and have been for 9 years.  So that means lots of walks, play, and cuddle time every day. We live in a gorgeous neighborhood with low traffic that makes for some great walking conditions!

It's hard to be homesick when you have so much to see and do.


Important stuff - Please read:

All of our Dog Slumber Party™ goers must be up to date on their shots at least a week before their visit(rabies, bordetella and DHPP), and also must be flea-free. We don't want anybody to catch anything, and we don't want the pups to have reactions upon arriving. 

Before new dogs stay here, they will need to come in for at least one day of daycare and an overnight (on a pre-scheduled day) to be sure that they absolutely love us and all the dogs here. Would you wanna stay with someone for a week if you didn't think they were super cool?

In other words: we want the opportunity for us to get to know your dog, and for your dog to love us before an extended stay.



Dogs play while being supervised in our fenced in yard only after they are exercised so that they play nicely. We just don't let dogs go bonkers and learn crazy habits like digging, excessive barking, mounting, or overly rough playing. They learn lots of cool stuff because we incorporate training throughout the day. 


 After a fun-filled day, dogs rest at our home in crates, so dogs that stay with us should be comfortable resting in a crate before their stay here.  

Only the best dogs in all the land stay here. Dogs that stay with us are happy around other dogs and people; they are well-rounded family dogs.

*By the way, we are a smoke free home...so no second hand smoke for your pups :)